What can web developers do in their free time between projects?

Sorry, but this may be one of those scrolling websites.

(I'm not really sorry.)


Create a website for your dog*

* I'm actually only his uncle. But we are the best of friends.

This is Chewy
(friendly curious lovable silly hungry             Chocolate Labrador)

I don’t like building personal portfolios and I thought this would be a lot more interesting.

He's always hungry.

He's a food ninja... Your lunch may have been eaten already.

FYI: He eats 4 meals per day and weighs 76 lbs.


Chewy suffers from Permanent Sad Face

It's believed that if you hug Chewy, all of your problems will go away. He absorbs sorrow like a sponge but it goes straight to his face.

PSF Symptoms

This is the number one cause of K-9 overfeeding.

The many faces of Chewy

Don't let that sad face fool you.



I'm happy Sad / Hug me I'm sleepy Play with me I'm hungry Feed me I smell pizza

This is Royce

(Web Developer)

I focus on front-end development.

(College Instructor)

I teach web design at Humber College.

(Friend to all dogs*)

* Not true. I prefer bigger dogs.

(Chewy's BFF)

I feed the big hungry dog.

Hi dog!

Time to
feed Chewy?


Breakfast time!

Time for brunch!

Lunch time!

Dinner time!

Chewy takes the time to enjoy the little things...

He regularly reads and answers all of his p-mail. He's so chill.

... because Royce is there to see the big picture.

Royce takes care of business.

Yoga, anyone?

Downward dog is also K-9 for "I love you."


You've reached the end of this scrolly site. By the way, I'm available for hire.

About this site

I guess you know all there is to know about Chewy.

Rule #1 when developing this site: Don’t neglect the dog you’re building a website for.

Rule #2 was, stick to your design philosophy: Create something out of nothing. I'd say this site is totally indicative of that.

Arden Royce Ltd.

My name is Royce Yadav, I'm from Toronto, and I run a tiny web design company called Arden Royce Ltd. For the last seven years I've worked with Microsoft and I also moonlight as an instructor at Humber College. Additionally, I've freelanced at a number of digital agencies and I help local businesses build a stronger web presence.

Much of my work consists of rebuilding existing companies digital strategies and improving their online identity. I always stress the importance of developing agile websites, and lightweight rich media—and deliver work that meets web standards. My current focus is on responsive web design, CSS3 animation, and my dog Chewy.

Do you have a project in mind? For inquiries call 416 986-8640, email me here, or DM me @ardenroyce.